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July 2018 Reads: Being Highly Effective

Just the one read to share for the month of July.  It was quite a long read but enjoyable and enlightening.

The 7 Principles of Highly Effective People

I am probably late to the party with this read, more so than the majority of “effective people”, but better late than never.

I enjoyed most of the book although it took a while to get through with many examples to make the point.  The points are useful but still, once read can be boiled down to a more succinct format.

While there are 7 principles or habits a few stuck with me in my own words, which is important anyway.  I also found some of the points very much related to ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) as well.  These are some of my major takeaways summarised below.

Be Proactive.  Be a proactive person rather than a reactive person.  In my opinion, this is good advice because being reactive leads to fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

Do More Important, Non-urgent Work.  Urgent, important work leads to burnout – constantly putting out fires.  Unimportant, non-urgent work is a waste of time.  Being proactive and doing important, non-urgent work lays the groundwork for future success.  It’s a habit.

Think Win/Win.  We often go into situations, business and personal, aiming for a win/lose situation… win at all costs.  On the other hand win/win benefits both parties.  This is good for current and future relationships.

Balance.  Sharpen the saw is about balancing your physical, spiritual, mental and social dimensions.  Being principle-centred is about living by your principles to determine your centre of focus.  Rather than being spouse, self or work centred, your principles act as a guide to bring balance to all the centres of life.

If you haven’t given it a read yet I recommend it just to see what lessons you can take out of it.  While they are quite common-sense, it’s easy to neglect them if we operate with a narrow sense of awareness.