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How to use G.suite Calendars on a Google Home

Having been a user of Google G.Suite for my personal domain for a number of years I found it quite disappointing after finally getting a Google Home and finding out that you can’t use it with G.suite calendars.

Without knowing exactly how they are implemented, regardless of the technical details, it doesn’t portray a very good look when interoperability between a company’s own products is non-existent.

There are of course workarounds such as using Mastermind Assistant but this requires a bit of extra setup and speech.

Never fear though, after all this time Google has finally announced G.suite support for Google Home, although still in beta as of May 2018, it does finally exist in the form of native support.

To gain access you first need to fill out this Google Form to request beta access to G.suite calendar support.

While I can only talk about my experience, it took around a week to receive an email confirming access to the beta program has been granted.  This comes in the form of an email with instructions on how to enable it.

Once you receive the email you may need to login to your Google Admin Console and check, or enable two settings.

Once in the Google Admin Console, type in additional Google services and navigate to the first result.

You then need to make sure the following two settings are enabled:

  • Search And Assistant
  • Web and App Activity

If you are just turning these on, there may be a slight delay with caching until things work however that is all that’s needed.  Simply ask your Google Assistant, “What’s on my Calendar?’

There is one caveat to the G.suite Calendar support however, you are currently unable to add events to the calendar.  Hopefully this will come soon, but for now, you can at least start adding calendar reading to your morning routine.