At the moment my current focus is based on improving my fitness so I don’t you know.. die early and stuff.  Being in front of a computer most of the day for a couple of decades means the body has become quite inflexible and underutilized.

I am really enjoying the challenge of building a physical fitness base and all the cool data that goes along with improvement too.


  • Lifting Heavy Things
  • Cycling
  • Hiking/Walking
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Outside of fitness, I’ve always been a programmer and enjoyed building things creatively with typing skills but I also really enjoy using that same creativity from a physical aspect and building things with my hands, so I am working on skills I’ve always wanted to learn such as welding and carpentry.


  • Home Renovations


The majority of my development efforts goes into making the awesome Sumo traffic tools.  As one of the first three developers, I initially worked on List Builder (1, 2 and 3), Image Sharer, Heatmaps, Content Analytics.

These days I work a lot behind the scenes on designing and improving the infrastructure using big data technologies on Amazon Web Services and Elastic Search.

Outside of software development, I am also enjoying the challenge of improving my writing skills combining the joy of writing with community-focused efforts educating about the importance of physical and mental health from a first-hand experience point of view.


I must admit, I haven’t used Windows in a number of years, since Windows 7.  I enjoy using a Mac-based laptop not because of “Apple Fan-ism” but purely because as someone who enjoys the power of Linux, I appreciate the power of a shell and all the command line tools that go along with it combined with a great looking GUI.



I am trying to cut back on my mobile-phone dependency and keep life simple, but I do enjoy the integration between a Mac-based laptop and an iPhone.  Being able to reply to text messages from the laptop while working alone makes the choice of phone worthwhile for me.

I also enjoy the fact that the majority of apps are well designed in both appearance and functionality.  I have pretty high standards when it comes to well-designed apps, and websites, so I really appreciate a clean, simple application.